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To Hire or Not to Hire: Considerations in Retaining and Using Accident Reconstruction or Biomechanical Experts Properly

This article focuses on the practical considerations that an attorney should take into account when making the decision to hire and to retain an accident reconstructionist or biomechanical expert.  While certainly not exhaustive, the article covers the basic issues to consider when making such a decision, namely how soon should an attorney hire an expert, how an expert may assist with a case, factors to consider when making a hiring decision, and how to vet a potential expert.

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Duty and the Design Professional

Recent decision expands scope of duty owed to third parties claiming economic loss from design professional malpractice.

In the absence of a contract, to whom do design professionals owe a duty, and what is the scope of that duty in the context of third-party claims alleging economic loss?

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The Attorney-Client Privilege Applies When Rendering Advice During Business Negotiations

The Fifth Circuit recently reversed a district court’s decision not to allow the attorney-client privilege. In Exxon Mobil Corp. v. Hill, et al., No. 13-30830 (5th Cir. May 6, 2014), the Fifth Circuit permitted assertion of the attorney-client privilege for a memorandum from an attorney to a client in the course of business negotiations for a matter that had potential legal implications down the road.

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