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Machines vs. Lawyers: How Lawyers Could Lose Business to Technology
Joe Leavens 6/24/2014

In his recent article in City-Journal, Northwestern University Law Professor John McGinnis hypothesizes that recent and impressive technological advances will have an increasingly disruptive impact on the legal profession. McGinnis notes that “law schools are in crisis,” “solo practitioners have been hurting for a decade,” “attorney job growth has been flat,” and “the going rate for associates, even at the best firms, has stagnated since 2007.” view more

Ethics in the Virtual Office
Marc Zimet 5/23/2013

Attorneys who practice out of the “virtual” office are becoming more common. Perhaps it is the overhead costs deterring some from shelling out for a physical address, or the ease with which one can practice entirely online, or maybe a bit of both. view more

Nevada Gambles on Online Poker
Joseph M. Hanna 3/6/2013

 view more

Speaking of . . . Copyrights | Did Avatar Rip Off Bats and Butterflies? California Court Says No.
Walter E. Judge Jr. 1/10/2013

Misunderstood heroes. Space travel. Alien worlds. Humanoids. Greed. Imperialism. Violence. Exploitation. Intercultural war. Redemption. And Copyright Infringement? Everyone’s seen the movie Avatar. How many people have read the book Bats and Butterflies? How many people have even heard of it? The author of Bats and Butterflies alleges that James Cameron’s Avatar is a rip-off. view more

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