Jury selection, mock client pitches, and personal negotiation tactics, oh my!  The Women in the Law Seminar is not just for or about women.

So many helpful tips and tricks today.  Loved the synergy of humor and energy In the jury selection segment.  Lori Cohen and Samantha Holmes offered fantastic advice on how to navigate jury selection in the Facebook generation.

The client pitch presentation was especially innovative.  A role playing segment that allowed us to examine and evaluate two different client pitching approaches with a real in-house counsel representative.  Amazing props to Ashley Cummings of Hunton & Williams LLP and Jennifer Haltom Doan of Haltom & Doan LLP for providing such great examples of how client pitching works.  Can't wait to see how this presentation concludes tomorrow when April Miller Boise of Veyance Technologies Inc and Marianne Trost of The Women Lawyers Coach LLC evaluate the techniques of each.

Victoria Pynchon's negotiation presentation and breakout session were particularly helpful.  Making the case for why women need to negotiate their way up in the firm, she offered real solutions and strategies on how to negotiate for our bottom line.  Truly motivational and inspirational. 

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