This summer the Corporate Counsel Committee will celebrate its one-year anniversary. In the first year, the committee expanded from 17 die-hard founding members to over 80 members strong—and those numbers will continue to grow.

The Corporate Counsel Committee provides in-house counsel a forum within DRI to address the unique needs of corporate legal departments. Membership is limited to in-house counsel and focuses on topics that are distinctive to the in-house practice. “In-house to in-house” is the committee’s core principle.

For 2009, one of our main goals is to continue to get the word out about our new committee and to increase our membership. To achieve this goal we have a number of membership initiatives planned and we are reaching out to all DRI members for help.

Initiative #1—DRI Corporate Counsel Recruitment

DRI has close to 400 in-house counsel members who we will personally reach out to and encourage to join the committee. Being a Corporate Counsel Committee member means being able enjoy a number of benefits, including in-house-only programming at select seminars and the DRI Annual Meeting; access to a restricted section of the committee webpage, including a list serve for corporate counsel committee members to share questions and ideas; roundtable conference calls about topics unique to in-house counsel; networking opportunities with other in-house counsel in a protected environment; and the opportunity to hold counsel me tings (formerly known as panel counsel meetings) at DRI seminars and meetings. The committee also provides in-house counsel with professional development opportunities, including committee leadership positions; publishing opportunities; and speaking opportunities at DRI programs.

For in-house counsel who are DRI members and would like to become a member of the Corporate Counsel Committee, you can sign up through DRI’s website or you can contact Lynn Conneen, DRI Director of Committees,at

Initiative #2—Non-DRI Corporate Counsel Recruitment

Our committee’s second membership initiative is to reach out and recruit corporate counsel who are not DRI members. The membership committee will take the first step in this initiative and contact all the in-house counsel who have participated in DRI seminars and meetings in the past, and inform them of all the benefits that membership has to offer. The next step is to reach beyond those who know about DRI. This is where we could use the help of all DRI members. If you have in-house clients or contacts, we encourage you to reach out to them. This is the perfect excuse for you to reconnect with your clients or in-house contacts and to tell them about all the great benefits that DRI and, more specifically, the Corporate Counsel Committee have to offer.

A great selling point is the two-tiered corporate counsel membership. In-house counsel can join for only $225 a year or they can take advantage of the group rate and receive up to four individual memberships for only $500. Each additional corporate individual membership is only $150. And all first-time corporate members listed on the initial membership application will receive a free certificate to attend a DRI seminar.

To help with your efforts, DRI developed a corporate counsel membership brochure that explains how to join, the rates and the benefits of membership. DRI can either send you the brochures to send out to your clients and contacts, or the Corporate Counsel Membership Subcommittee can reach out to them for you if you provide us their contact information. If you would like us to reach out, please contact Lynn Conneen at DRI ( and she will coordinate that effort.

Initiative #3—Seminar/Committee Outreach

The Corporate Counsel Membership subcommittee will be contacting all program and committee chairs prior to each seminar to let them know about the committee and to ask them to make, or to allow one of our committee members in attendance to make, an announcement about the committee at the seminar and at their committee meetings.

The key with all these initiatives is to get the word out about this new and exciting committee. We appreciate all your help and look forward to a long and successful partnership with DRI and all its committees.

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