Fact Patterns and Accident Recreation

Posted on March 13, 2012 01:51 by Clinton Fletcher

Doctors rely on a patient's medical history, origin of pain and symptoms to diagnose a patient's illness and create a plan for treatment.   Home builders rely on measurements, mathematical equations and soil types to identify structural stress points and create design specifications.   Athletic coaches rely on an opponent's game tendencies, player skill sets and team strengths to identify play schemes and create successful game plans.   Similarly, defense attorneys evaluate facts, law and contract terms to identify liability risks and create a strategy for defense.

In particular, Michael Pangburn of Thor Industries will address the methodologies and tools that defense attorneys use to evaluate facts, law and contract terms to identify risks.  Mr. Pangburn will explain more at the SLG breakout session about how outside counsel should go about such responsibilities and assist in-house counsel.

In addition to Mr. Pangburn, Kevin Breen of Engineering Systems, Inc. will explain the art and processes that go into recreating motorcycle accidents.  Lastly, Glenn Fencl of Johnson & Bell will discuss recent case law involving recreational products.  
Please plan to attend the 2012 DRI Products Liability Conference, April 11-13th, at the Venetian Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas.  More specifically, please stop by the Recreational Products' Specialized Litigation Group Workshop ("SLG"), which will take place on Friday, April 13, 2012, at 8:30 a.m.  The SLG will discuss issues relevant to those attorneys that represent companies who manufacture recreational products.  

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Colleagues, next month is the DRI's Products Liability Conference in Las Vegas (April 7-9). As part of the conference, please plan to stop by the Young Lawyers Breakout during the morning of April 7th. Many of the topics presented may be new or a nice refresher.

Some of the worthwhile topics include:
*Navigating supply chain issues in China;
*Taking or defending the deposition of an IT representative;
*Nuts and bolts of defending a component parts supplier; and
*Handling cases involving bankrutpcy in today's economy.

There are many other fantastic topics that are going to be discussed during the breakout as well. We hope you can join us that Wednesday morning during the conference.

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